Sunday 9th September

What a week it has been! Whilst this weekend was the first Guernsey FC has enjoyed off the pitch since the season kicked off last month, we enjoyed re-living the moment Charlton Gauvain struck the ball from the halfway line into the opponents’ net from just inside the opponents’ half on various mediums. In the last week we have since learnt that the young 17 year old has earned himself the chance to train with the Bristol City’s U23 squad. In addition to that the footage played out on three television stations, two local (BBC & ITV) and one digital programme broadcast from Kent.

But last week the club was contacted by Soccer AM who wanted to show Charlton’s goals on their weekly Goal of the Week feature, earning a place on the national stage. The video, containing footage we filmed, has already obtained 15k views on Twitter at the time of writing and 58k views on Facebook. It has already received its own place on the Soccer AM Facebook page as their commentators took the time to commentate on his wonder strike. We don’t know where it will show up next, but we hope that our footage, if it hasn’t already, puts Guernsey on the map!