We do love a last minute bit of editing! That’s what we were faced with this week when Rovers AC took final delivery of their winning match footage from their Priaulx League match final played earlier this year. They have now won the league for two years in a row and to celebrate they wanted to screen this footage at their end of season awards last night. Our edit consisted of using footage from their first win last year coupled with the single goal they scored this year and the following celebrations.

The beauty of technology nowadays allows us to work completely remotely without requiring physical contact with the client unless requested. Not only could all of the footage be supplied electronically but we could complete the editing and proofing process thereafter via a popular social media messaging service. The free flowing conversation style nature of the platform enabled the client to request changes in a timely fashion after receiving the first draft. We were then able to respond instantly with an amended proof for them to see their requested changes.

The videos we edited for them were shown at a private end of season celebration last night and we were happy to have helped them celebrate their accomplishments. If you want a super quick turnaround, free-flowing conversation with us throughout the editing process and delivery of your HD video on time get in touch. Fill out a contact form today.

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