Wednesday 16th May

It has nearly been exactly a year to the day that we began filming for the launch of the Guernsey Mind Team Talk campaign. Cut forward a year, the campaign is now adding to its already established platform by adding more ambassadors to its already well established group of Guernsey individuals. This addition came from Angus Mackay, Football Development Officer at the Guernsey Football Association, who has been a keen advocator of Guernsey Minds work for a few years now.

He was keen to support the Team Talk campaign as he has gone through some periods of his life where he has struggled and was happy to share those on camera. This short addition came in the format of one main video launched on social media (as seen below) earlier today and two smaller videos that answer specific questions in relation to the campaign having been up and running for nearly a year now. We were proud to have been involved at the beginning and we are keen to continue to offer the support of adding more videos to the already established campaign. Who knows who the next ambassador will be?