Monday 30th April

On this day back in 2008┬áRob Platts, Shelaine Green, Dave Purdy and Wendy Beaven set about forming a group which would become the collective voice in Guernsey of disabled people, carers and the organisations which represent them. Today marks their 10th Birthday! They have achieved a tremendous amount during that short time, and we have only been involved since our first filming commitment with them in March 2016 to encourage people to ‘Make It Real’.

We have been commissioned to film all sorts of activities with the charity. This has included working with disabled people, their carers and various organisations that support them here in the Bailiwick. To help showcase just some of the activities that we have been involved with, most of that forming part of their campaigning arm, We All Matter Eh?, we have put a short compilation video together. We hope that it goes someway to helping celebrating what the charity has achieved in the last decade, and we know they haven’t stopped yet and still have some way to go till, in their eyes, the rights of disabled people here in Guernsey are on par with those of other islanders.

We don’t know what activity we will next be covering for them, but we know for sure they won’t stop at nothing. So help them spread the word and continue the positive wave that being created at the moment and share their posts, including this video on social media, and do your bit.

Happy Birthday!