Saturday 17th March

Since noon on Monday, the Stop Male Suicide campaign launched by Guernsey Mind has  received an overwhelming number of positive messages of support from the Guernsey public. At the time of writing, 9am on Saturday 17th March, the video had accumulated over 11,000 views, 254 shares & 185 likes from users on Facebook who have watched it. Coupled with the main launch video are an overwhelming number of messages of support towards the campaign, and we were so happy to have worked with Guernsey Mind again on this project, we thoughts it fitting to include a number of those below:

“What an excellent and thought provoking video. Well done and thanks to all involved in making it.”

“What an amazing video, the work that Guernsey Mind and the groups set up to support those in need continue to do is truly astounding and will hopefully make a huge difference to people and get them out of those awful places. Hopefully the taboo of mental health will no longer be so and people can open up more about how they feel and not let it go too far. Raising awareness fantastically!!”

“Such a moving video and such an important message – we all have experience of how difficult men find it to talk about their emotions. Thank you and well done to everyone taking part.”

“What a honest and thought provoking video, I am a great believer in men expressing rather than suppressing thoughts and feelings . This shed idea is so good, right on the button. I admire these men for showing other men that’s it’s good to talk about emotions . These brave few men will help so many more. Well done all involved you should be so proud of yourselves.”

“A really engaging video guys and really admire your honesty. Very much relate to this and Love the shed idea!”

“Fantastic video – honest and inspiring.”

“Guernsey Mind, what an honest, positive and inspiring video. It’s so true, speaking out without the fear of judgement is so important.”

“Well done Guernsey Mind what a fab video. Excellent campaign. Wish more men would just TALK to each other like us girls do.”

“Well done guys, amazing to speak out and raise awareness.”

“What a moving video. Well done to those who have spoken openly about their mental health.”

To date all of the videos have accumulated over 11,000 views, and that’s just on Facebook. We wish them all the best with their future endeavours and hope the video helps to stimulate the discussion with those we care about the most.