Sunday 25th March

The last few weeks have been super crazy, not just because we are kitting out our new studio, but we have been in touch with a few new clients about a few interesting projects on the horizon. A project that we were able to complete within 7 days of them first making contact, was the filming of a Drama production by the Tin Whistle Productions at a local primary school.

This was the first drama production of its kind that we had filmed and we were eager to see how the finished product would turn out. A dual camera setup was put in place to ensure we didn’t miss any of the action. Couple this with a precariously hanging lapel microphone from the ceiling, which would capture all of the actors’ audio without encroaching on their performance which involved lots of costume changes, set switches and audience participation. We were set ready to go, ready to capture anything that they threw at us.

In the modern era of digital editing, multi-camera productions are relatively time simple to achieve, with audio syncronisation being offered within most modern video editors, offering alignment of the various recorded angles into a synchronised multicam clip. All that is required thereafter is a simple camera angle switch to obtain a different angle. Therefore the actual length of the production, more often than not, dictates the majority of the editing time required for a production of this type. As the video of the drama production has been kept private we can only share a few screenshots of their production, which can be seen below.

Do you have an idea for a project, not quite sure how to achieve it? No worries, we have experience of working in all sorts of environments and capturing videos & usable audio from every angle possible. So what you waiting for? Get in touch!

Tin Whitle Drama