Sunday 8th October

Since August we have been working with Zac Felbabel, a young and up and coming footballer who plays for Vale Rec, who, with our help, has started on his journey towards playing for an academy team in the United States. Zac’s parents got in touch with us during the summer after hearing we provided another player with footage of their playing ability who was successful in being offered a US soccer scholarship. Whilst they had enough evidence on paper of his playing ability and high goal soaring skills, they were after video footage to supplement his application to demonstrate his ability on the ball. We were more than happy to oblige and offered our services to film Zac in a number of local games played here in Guernsey.

Five games later and we had well over 10 minutes of usable footage of Zac that we could have used in his application. However, given we didn’t have too long to impress the US scouts who we knew would be sifting through hundreds of applications, we cut this down to a slightly more managable eight and a half minutes featuring all of the best bits. After watching Zac play, and from reviewing all the match analysis footage, we managed to categorise the footage into the following categories:

  • Speed/pace
  • Forward thinking
  • Set pieces, inc. corners, free kicks
  • Team player
  • Controlled under pressure
  • Perseverance
  • Appetite for success

Utilising some powerful tracking technology we have at our disposal, we were able to pick out Zac in each shot from the field of other players with trackable elements (see screenshots below). Last week we were thrilled to hear that his Zac had already received a number of emails from coaches across the US who have shown an interest in him, having already viewed his application and reviewed his video profile. We have cancelled the last few filming dates we had provisionally booked in the diary, as they have more than enough usable footage already that has demonstrated his talent and athletic ability with the ball.

Zac’s parents were so pleased with the service they have received they were kind enough to provide a short testimonial showcasing the services they received from us. If you haven’t already caught it on social media, it’s featured below. If you have the requirements for a match analysis video of the sport you play – get in touch!

“We used Olly Tracey and On Screen Creations to shoot footage of our son Zac for his promotional video which formed part of his on-line profile in his application for a US soccer scholarship.  Olly understood our needs and was happy to offer options and ideas.  The final footage was excellent and has resulted in contact from several colleges across the US.  Olly is professional, courteous, punctual and skilled in his chosen field. We have no hesitation in recommending Olly.”