Would you, given the chance, take off in a plane, to circle Guernsey to film a new airline that has begun serving the Channel Islands? The answer would probably be a definite yes, but there’s a catch! What would you say if you were told both doors from one side of the plane would be removed! Well that is what we were faced with when I arrived on the tarmac at Guernsey Airport at 7am yesterday morning. But we are always up for a challenge so ensured we were wrapped up warm ready for the windy journey.

Whilst we weren’t tasked with editing their overall video promotional campaign, they did require video footage of the new aircraft airborne in the skies above Guernsey. Our Director joined long time friend, and aerial photographer, Jon Le Ray of Airborne Image, who was photographing the ‘caravan’ during the same flight.

The short 40 minute flight around Guernsey’s airspace went in a flash. The weather improved as the flight progressed which provided a stunning backdrop for the clips we were able to record. No tripods or loose hanging monopods were allowed in the open fuselage, as we raced around the bailiwick at 1000ft at over 100 knots. So a single camera strapped, hooked then gaffer tapped to the plane’s fuselage ensured none of the equipment would dissapear. Stay tuned to see the footage online very soon!

Screenshot 2017-10-14 20.50.54