Friday 22nd September

With the football season well underway we are approaching our 9th game in this league, under it’s new name, which hasn’t stuck with me. Today marks 9 days to go till the end of our first Goal of the Month competition. I think you will agree if you are a fan of Guernsey FC, that we haven’t been blessed with goals to choose from, since the season began back in mid August at home against East Grinstead Town.

But this month we have treated our fans to voting for one of two great goals scored in August, via the Guernsey FC TV Facebook page, which we attempt to keep up to date with all the action on and off the pitch featuring the Green Lions. The August video contains one goal scored on the opening day for the Green Lions against East Grinstead Town by Dave Rihoy, whilst its contender features Seb Skillen scoring in one of the last away games of the month against Horsham.

We continue to provide all video content for the Green Lions as they battle their way through this league. I’m sure if you were to ask any of the players, or management, what their goal is, it is probably to put an end to the worst run of losses ever experienced by the club. Couple this with the heartbreaking news of the early passing of one of their loving superfans last weekend, if we are to score this weekend, we know who it will be dedicated to. Want to know my goal for this month – I want to capture that goal on camera!

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