We like to make a difference in the community where we know our services can be of benefit. Earlier this week we got word that a father and son were visiting the island, ahead of Guernsey FC’s first league game of their 2017/2018 campaign. We knew Aaron was a keen scooter rider, and had brought his pride and joy on holiday with him (his scooter) so we surprised him with a filming session up at the local skatepark. Luckily the weather was kinder to us than it is when we are writing this short blog post.

We took along a new camera slider we have only used on one other project to date, and that enabled us to get some interesting panning shots whilst Aaron was showing off his skills. What can we say? We were not only impressed by his skills on his scooter, but the way he conducted himself with the other riders, as a number of them were younger than him, less experienced and looked up to him as a role model.

The short video we shot for him can be viewed below. Aaron already runs his own YouTube channel and is looking to improve the video coverage he provides for his group of riders in SG Media, so hopefully this video will kick start his channel and be the positive start of things to come.