We have been offered some pretty unique viewpoints of events that we have filmed, landscapes that we have photographed and on our latest job the viewpoints continued to increase. An opportunity arose to see Guernsey from a bird’s eye view – 400ft up to be precise! 8 days before delivery of the edited high resolution photographs, the Director of Blondel Touzeau Partnership got in touch as they required images of a land boundary for a client of theirs. Whilst they could complete half of the photographs from ground level, a bird’s eye view was required to document the top down view showcasing the lay of the land, the condition of two large warehouses on site as well as the perimeter of the overall facility.

We were pleased they got in touch as we had been itching to get airborne again, on behalf of a client, after our last shoot for an estate agent a few weeks back. We are glad to be able to offer a fast, efficient and cost effective service here in the Bailiwick, as within 8 days of the original request coming in we were able to get airborne, take the photos and supply a dedicated download link for the client with all the photos they needed. We were made aware that the project was to progress onto a different stage this week so we were on a tight timescale, but even with Guernsey’s turbulent weather system, and having to postpone filming 24 hours due to high winds, we got the job done before the deadline! You can read the client’s testimonial on our services page here.