Friday 16th June

Yesterday Twitter announced Version 7.0 to their mobile IOS app, which sees a number of visual changes to ensure the focus is on content. This has included a raft of new features which has been highlighted to make it feel lighter, faster and easier to use.

Listening to feedback was the reason Twitter has made these changes and the first of those is that the ‘Like’ and ‘Retweet’ counts now update dynamically. Great news for all social media managers looking to prove their worth and the validity of use of their social media network to their various clients. You can now instantly see the live engagement rate generated by any Tweet, just scrolling through your news feed!

Second if your looking to spruce up your profile photo you can now add filters and stickers, giving your account some added flare.

There is also good news for Safari users, as now all links open in Safari instead of Twitter’s own web browser. That comes as a welcome change  for those utilising reader view and you can access all your accounts you have logged into where you have an account.

A number of design changes have also been made which are aimed at making the app easier to use and more intuitive for the end user. This includes reducing the number of navigation tabs from five to four and added more intuitive icons for seamless interaction.

Twitter is becoming increasingly more accessible to users with visual impairments. They have refined the typography to make it more consistent across the platform. They have added bolder headlines to make it easier to focus on what’s happening and have rounded profile photos. They have also improved colour contrast, provided more prominent access to settings and added the ability to use Reader View to improve readability on websites that support it.

Users of, Tweetdeck and Twitter Lite will not be getting all the updates, but are not being neglected as they can expect some of these changes over the coming days and weeks.


Read the full update on their blog by clicking here.