Monday 29th May

We like to think we do our bit for the community here in Guernsey – and what better way to make our latest charitable contribution to the sporting scene than by producing a free highlights package for Rovers AC who were recently crowned Priaulx League Champions after winning 4-3 against North. Whilst we weren’t present at the football final, which took place a few weeks ago, we were pleased to obtain footage that John from ITV shot and piece it together into a highlights reel that would premiere at La Grande Mare at their end of season do.

This isn’t currently the only charitable piece of work we are delivering at the moment as we are supporting the launch of a new sports club, the Guernsey Walking Football Club. After helping them develop an up to date marketing poster to advertise their weekly training sessions during the summer at KGV Memorial Fields, we have helped launch two social media channels on both Facebook and Twitter which we use regularly to help share everything related to the club.

We don’t underestimate the power of the charitable sector here in Guernsey and we value the work that the 300+ Guernsey charities carry out on a daily basis. That also included the work our Director completed whilst working for the Guernsey Sports Commission for three and a half years and successfully marketed the charity and its activities to the Guernsey public, raising awareness of sport & physical activity opportunities available to adults & young people islandwide.

The importance of the charitable sector should not be underestimated as a lot of the roles not fulfilled by Government and the private sector are taken up and operated by volunteers, much like the coaches running the 50+ sports club here in Guernsey. So when we were contact by Jez at Rovers AC, we thought why not lend a hand and provide them with a record of something they should be proud of, after all it was the first time  ever they had won the competition!

We hope our short highlight real goes some way in helping the players, coaches and management team relive the moments they were crowned Priaulx League Champions 2017 and hopefully give them something to cherish – after all video is the best way to relive any event or occasion. Have a project that you think we might want to get involved in? Get in touch!