Friday 5th May

When I was asked two weeks ago would I be free to film a modular roof installation taking 12 hours, I’m wasn’t sure what to think. But I do like a challenge, so I accepted with open arms and consequently only enjoyed four hours sleep last night. But I ensured my camera batteries were charged, lens cleaned and FS5 bag prepped ready for the long day ahead. It began at 6am at the docks ready to capture the first shipment leaving for the site up in St. Andrews.

The journey was only a few miles, however their first trip took close to 30 minutes as the large lorry load required an escort rider and a pass to drive on the wrong side of the road for most of the journey, to avoid low hanging branches and strategically placed telephone lines. I captured many aspects of its journey towards the site, which was actually shot over two separate journeys from various viewpoints along its route. As it got later in the morning more and more drivers were inquisitive as to the house travelling down on the wrong side of the road forcing them to take evasive action – made for great footage!

Whilst on site 10 units were delivered over the 12 hour period with each one being meticulosity prepared and manouvered into place by a very skilled team of labourers who had travelled all the way from the UK including a local crane driver. It was fascinating to see the efforts that went into installation, and after interviewing the arcitect who commissioned the work, it was highlighted to be considerably cheaper and much more time efficient when converting an existing property than a traditional construction.

Now the video I shot was only a very small part of a very long design, fabrication, transportation and installation process. For those who guessed, the pre-fabricated units were made outside of Guernsey, and were actually shipped from Yorkshire late last week and were put on a freight ship overnight earlier this week. The clips I have shot are being added onto a video being produced by a UK Media Agency who are producing it on behalf of the loft conversion specialists.

I trailed a few new items of kit today (which you may be able to spot in some of the photos below) as the long waits between work being carried out enabled me to fine tune some of my recent new additions to my kit bag – including a new Manfrotto Nitrogen powered video head alongside a new slider. Now if I had the time, money and inclination to do up a property I would probably do it this way, the quicker its done the better in my book, and after today I know the people to go to – Moduloft! Look out for their promotional video being made public later this year – we will be sure to share it!