Thursday 19th January

So 2017, kicked off fairly quickly. December was a much calmer affair with lots of client work finishing before the festive period. But work in January kicked off on the day after New Year’s Day with Guernsey FC playing a home game against visiting team, South Park.

Over the past two weeks we have been working with the committee of a new charity that has been established to raise awareness of a particular disease commonly found in older people. Filming took place on two separate days in three separate locations with an interview being conducted with a gentleman living with the condition and his career, followed by members of the newly established committee. We utilised the beautiful Guernsey scenery as the backdrop to the interviews with various subjects, to emphasis that this condition is found everywhere in the world, and whilst nobody is immune to it, the aim is to make Guernsey the best possible place to live with this particular condition.

Last week we also visited a local estate agent who has shown support for the new charity and is currently undergoing training to make all of their staff more aware of the condition. The finished video, lasting around 5 minutes, has been approved and is ready to be launched at the media event in a few weeks time. At present we are just finalising a shorter call to action for social media which you will also see online in a few weeks time.

This month lots of planning has also gone into filming a new initiative for the Guernsey Disability Alliance aiming to recognise the wide variety of sports and physical activities available to islanders with physical and learning disabilities here in Guernsey. We can’t reveal too much at this point, mainly because we haven’t filmed anything yet, and secondly we don’t want to reveal too much about the project that will spoil the surprise. But all I can say is you will be suitably surprised how much is on offer in this small island.

Early next month we are also working with a trust company, who’s headquarters are here in the Channel Islands, who would like to disseminate video coverage of a seminar they are running to their other offices dotted the other side of the world, so we look forward to overcoming the few challenges that presents.

Amongst all the other regular commitments that we have, all we can say is that we are open for business as usual. Have an idea for a project? Get in touch.

January 1