Saturday 3rd December

Whilst currently flying at 30,000 feet en route to London for more filming duties, our Director took a few moments to reflect on what has been a busy first year in business. On Screen Creations was first incorporated on 1st December 2015, so it has been just over a year since we began offering Video Production & Digital Marketing services to businesses and organisations primarily based, but not limited to, Guernsey. Here are a few of his thoughts:

The first year couldn’t have gone better, all jobs were obtainined because of word of mouth and hopefully a positive reputation that precedes me with the local community here in Guernsey. The range of jobs have been more varied than I would have ever originally anticipated. Some of the highlights included filming a 30 minute documentary for the Guernsey Education department, raising the awareness of domestic abuse in a shorter 15 minute video campaign alongside some of the shorter social media video promotions which have taken place in between. We have helped drive social media content and engagement for the Guernsey Disability Alliance on their most recent #HiddenDisabilities campaign, and how can I forget my second season supporting the Green Lions with video coverage as they continue to battle in Ryman Isthmian League Division 1 South.

It only takes a few moments to see the wide variety of projects we have been involved in by visiting our showreel, and that is jut a flavor of the videos we have been commissioned to deliver in the last 12 months. Since conception last year, we have increased the range of services we are able to offer to also include social media management and digital analytics.

But to say the past 12 months have gone without a hitch would be untrue. I can’t recount the amount of times we have run out of ‘gaffer tape’ on location whilst recording Guernsey FC as we endeavour to tape down the equipment and long cables required to record footage and broadcast our livestreams to the big wide world. I don’t know how I have managed it, but all the kit we have taken on those away trips that have been through numerous airports have all been returned without a problem – hard pelican cases are highly recommended! But I struggle to count the days I have returned to my studio and had to clean most of my video equipment, after having to record in appalling conditions, including wind, rain, hail and in some cases zero temperatures. Lots of long evenings and early mornings have been spent slaving to ensure all deadlines have been met on time, but to date only one job has been turned down due to the arrival of Tracey junior in April next year.

Our kit bag has increased in size this year as the range of wireless audio solutions and 4K cameras have been increased. It has enabled us to create slicker end products and be more creative with the angles we can obtain on location, whether that would be centre stage at St. James Concert Hall, fitting into a subject’s lounge or pitch side in South London. Items of gear get smaller and smaller and always boast new features. The invention of the lithium battery has been a revelation as so many products now charge through usb – so a portable power bank also comes highly recommended.

Our social media channels, on Facebook and Twitter have continued to increase in popularity and engagement, and if anything, they have served as a great record of how much I managed to squeeze in. On some evenings I can recall working on three and sometimes four projects consecutively, all for different clients, so a good filing system and organised studio has helped me keep on top of things. The networks have served as a good platform in which our blog stories can also be shared. Stories have picked up on new video production techniques, new aerial imaging solutions and new functionality being rolled out among consumer devices and online services, which I find most fascinating and try to summarise what that means for you consumers in our blog.

The audience who have viewed our work this year has transcended just the Channel Islands. Our work has been featured regularly on local television as well as online TV stations in the UK, showcased at public events and, in the last month, has helped judges choose a local sporting star as the recipient of a national sporting accolade. Dare I mention the Steel Wondergoal caught last year that did the rounds that we recorded just before On Screen Creations became a reality.

Targets for next year in business? To continue to expand the range of different clients we work with, continue to deliver a great range of services at a very affordable cost. We already have two new clients lined up for jobs in early 2017 which should kick start our new year and hopefully introduce us to two vastly different industries.

To say it all started from producing home movies and summaries of holidays spent as a child, I am very proud to have recorded some awe inspiring footage on camera and met some very high profile people along the way. Being invited back to capture an iconic Guernsey event on film for the fourth year running was very heartwarming. If anyone last year would have suggested that, after a year in business the number of viewers of my footage, recorded on my camera and edited on my computer, would have reached the hundreds of thousands, I would have laughed in their face.

But now if you asked me whether it was the right decision to set up my own company, would I change anything, would I do anything differently?

Not one thing! Bring on 2017!