Tuesday 13th September

1 week after the iPhone 7 was released, iOS10 made its way to existing iPhone users handsets bringing a welcome number of additional functions. September brings joy for Apple users with a range of devices. Not only do we see the new operating systems for a range of devices made available in this month. For the last few years now, Apple have used September as the month to make their flagship product announcements. With a lesser event taking place in March every year, the September event is known for being the bigger of the two, as it has typically brought welcome announcements about their headline products.

This year was no different, and like the last few announcements, I tuned into the event on my Apple TV, whilst taking notes on my MacBook whilst tweeting using my iPhone – Apple convert I know. Whilst I was an android man to begin with, Apple has been part of my life for a few years now, and I have joined millions of people now who also have the bug!

Whilst Mario will be making an appearance in the app store in the not too distant future, the new iOS & watch OS were made available earlier today and one week today the new MacOS becomes available to the public. The headline announcement at the event last week was the announcement of the new iPhone. Whilst some rumours proved true, there were a number of updates to the companies flagship product that no one had come to expect. I have summarised the big features of the new device below:

  • Headphone audio now routed through the lightening port offering more powering options but traditional 3.5mm cans now require an adaptor.
  • It is now splash proof enabling you to breathe a little easier after leaving out in the rain.
  • More processing power enabling you to complete more power hungry tasks on the go.
  • Dual cameras on the iPhone 7 + offering option of telephoto pictures and additional extra of added depth of field coming in a future update
  • Stereo sound from top and bottom of the new iPhone 7 & 7 Plus allowing you to become more immersed in those dreaded viral Facebook videos
  • New re-designed home button with haptic feedback and force touch
  • Two new colour options including gloss black and black further increasing the ways to set you apart from fellow iPhone 7 users

Whilst I have one more year on my current contract, I probably won’t be upgrading for a while, but I do believe this new product packs a good punch but let’s hope that when the first customer walks out of the shop in the US with the first new handset the power of all the television cameras don’t make it magically rise out of the box and fall onto the floor like last time!