Tuesday 30th August

In July of this year, I was invited by the organisers of the Skipton Art Festival to film the public being offered the opportunity to put brushes to paper. Four open sessions were available for the public to take part in that utilised the scenic backdrop of Castle Cornet & St Peter Port.

We filmed one of the single sessions where canvases were being painted before they were hung in iconic locations here in Guernsey. The aim was for the canvases to be weathered over a period of a month before they were all taken down, re-stretched and then sculpted into something. Last weekend I was invited back to capture on film some of the canvases as they were being treated to all the elements that Guernsey had to offer.

These included Fort Le Marchant, Rousse Tower & Le Tripied Dolmen. Each canvas was hung slightly differently, consequently each of them had weathered in different ways – adding a unique story to each piece of art.

The pieces of art were available to view untill the end of the month and we look forward to catching up with the organisers of the Skipton Art Festival again where I will be filming the sculptures being hung at Castle Cornet. #WatchThisSpace