Monday 20th June

This video production was my first one completed to date where I only shot about five seconds of footage of a film that lasted close to four minutes in total. When I was contacted in early May to hear that the States of Guernsey Education Department were launching a new curriculum in June and they wanted a video to help launch it, I was more than happy to help and was up for the challenge. However, what I didn’t know was that they didn’t actually require my filming skills and camera technique but rather my editing skills. The aim was to encourage every educational establishment on island to record themselves dancing around to a song entitled ‘Joy’ by Will Young.

I was overwhelmed not only by the number of schools that submitted their own footage to me, but the creativity among some of the teachers and students who filmed themselves doing some crazy things to the short inspirational song. It took a while to watch all of the footage submitted to me, as I was eager not to miss any piece of action which I could include in the final edit which may have brought about a few smiles when people viewed it for the first time. I received over 2 hours and 20 minutes worth of footage that I had to condense down to around three and a half minutes to match the length of the music track – but what can I say – I do like a challenge!

The finished product, or what I thought was the finished product, was handed over two weeks ago for the Department to play at their launch event to teachers. As a result of the screening that evening three other education establishments, who couldn’t meet the original deadline for submission, got in touch and submitted some more footage which has now been incorporated into this edit. The Department has now made the video available online for everyone to see and I am pleased to include it below for your viewing pleasure.