Friday 11th March

Guernsey’s coast took a battering earlier this week, and every media outlet on the island was doing their bit to keep the public informed of roads that were impassable, as one of the strongest storms I have seen in my lifetime, swept through the Channel Islands. However, whilst some of them made some valiant efforts to give us a view of the west coast that the majority of us couldn’t reach in our cars, the most watched video that I have seen was submitted to a local radio station which shared the post early Wednesday¬†morning.

45,000 views isn’t bad for a short clip of the west coast taking a battering submitted by a member of the public, and it was only 16 seconds long. But what stands out to me is the fact that it was published just after 8 o’clock, when the majority of islanders were probably reading it over their breakfast as they remained in the warm comfort of their homes or passenger seats on the way to work.

It was published at just the right time to capture everyone’s attention online – at the time of writing over 400 people had liked the video, close to 100 people had commented and over 730 people had added it to their individual timelines, which has resulted in it being viewed so many times. No need for sponsored or promoted post in this case, its a perfect example of how an organic post can reach the right audience at the right time. If I worked for the radio station I would give myself a big pat on the back – they probably shared it from their warm newsroom whilst mulling over a cup of warm cocoa!