Monday 14th March

For the first time in history ITV Channel TV broadcast live, on both Periscope & Facebook earlier today! I believe it marks a day in history where the lines between traditional media & more modern digital media has been blurred even further. Over the last month we have seen videos from a traditional local newspaper being posted online as well as a listener’s video footage being shared on a radio station’s Facebook page. For a long time now we have seen the local BBC radio station exercise their creative skills when it comes to promoting their upcoming sports coverage. But today will go down in history in my memory, as a traditional news outlet utilised recent developments in technology to broadcast LIVE on Periscope, the popular video live-streaming app which is owned by Twitter.

Unfortunately, at the moment replays (of LIVE Periscope broadcasts) only last 24 hours online so most readers of this blog post will probably see it after its 24 hour window, but those who did manage to tune in witnessed a glimpse of the director’s studio where all the technical wizardry is carried out, which to this day has previously been unseen. It was only a few minutes long but in that short time, they generated a load of engagements from viewers watching live, and were able to meet a few of the viewer’s requests for close ups for certain pieces of kit. To me, over the next few years, traditional media outlets are going to have to invent very creative ways in which to maintain their audiences, as the sharing of news and public information becomes increasingly competitive, and this post in addition to the radio listener’s video, analysed in my latest blog post, serve as great examples of this.

In another example, later this evening, I witnessed another post from the local ITV station (see the video below) attempting to engage their audience by posting another LIVE video, but this time on Facebook. Was it a success? Well you should ask the people who have helped it accumulate over 8,500 views since being posted earlier this evening, just over 3 hours ago. I think it is fair to say that given the recent advent of LIVE video broadcasting applications, and the ease of now being able to share photos and videos online, it is becoming increasingly tough for media outlets to obtain any so called exclusives to encourage new audience members to subscribe to them online. But, I think that you will agree that what we have seen today is a great way of engaging your audience and one which I think we can come to expect to see on a daily basis in the near future.