Tuesday 29th March

Saturday witnessed a win for the Green Lions, which restored a glimmer of hope to the hundreds of fans who have witnessed one of the longest run of defeats that Guernsey FC have endured in its history. However Saturday also witnessed another milestone, in that it was Jakub Machlowski’s last game as a goalkeeper for the club before returning to his homeland in Poland. Chris Tardif, who can regularly be seen in goal for the Greens both home and away took a back seat last weekend to let Jakub enjoy the full 90 minutes.

As a tribute to the time and effort he has put into the club, I put together a short montage of clips that I had recorded since joining the club at the end of last season which features him and has been posted on various Guernsey FC’s social media pages. In only a few days it is within touching distance of 5,000 views and has achieved over 100 likes. You can check out the tribute below!