Tuesday 15th March

An oversized advertising banner at our only public leisure centre, coupled with a personalised email into my inbox earlier this week, prompted me to find out what the JT Social 4G Challenge was? Eager to find out whether I could be obtaining faster data speeds, from a different mobile provider than the one I am with currently, I clicked the link in my email which encouraged me to enquire further about their challenge.

In a nutshell, they claim to have built the fastest mobile data network in Guernsey & Alderney and want our help to make it better. Smartphone users are encouraged to test their download speeds anywhere in the two islands using their handset, regardless of what network they are subscribed to, submit their results to JT then they could win a new smartphone. Apart from being a damn creative idea of engaging their audience it gives people the opportunity to use an existing gadget in their possession to enter the competition. You just need to download the Ookla Speedtest app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, record your download speed then email it to them.

I then realised that after the competition ends, and they have given away their prizes, they would then have a wealth of data (effectively a very comprehensive bundle of market research) that has been provided to them at very little cost from consumers from all three mobile network providers! Genius! Not only can they get to see what data speeds other network users are able to achieve across the two islands, they can potentially identify some dead spots where high-speed mobile internet is unavailable and potentially aim to plug the gaps.

Now I am a big fan of mobile-data, and can regularly be seen to consume over 20gb per month and will certainly be entering this competition, and will be eager to see the results of which network offers the quickest speeds here in the Bailiwick, but if you’re after some tips on where I have achieved my highest data speeds, that is my trade secret!