3rd February 2016

Do you know what OS, or operating system your phone is running? I’m talking to those of you with an iPhone by the way – I made the jump from Android to iOS a few years ago, and I won’t tell you why, well not in this blog post anyway. The reason I ask, is that Apple has recently seeded two beta versions of their latest operating system, iOS 9.3, to developers and public beta testers.

The new update to the original iOS 9, which launched last year along with their latest round of new Apple products to the market, has been tipped to be the biggest update to iOS 9 yet. One of the main features that it will be introducing will be a new night shift feature that cuts down on the amount of blue light you are exposed to from your smartphone’s screen before nodding off to sleep. The new feature can be controlled through the main settings app, but the majority of iPhone users can’t enjoy a better night’s sleep until it is rolled out in Spring of this year. The new features to be introduced in the new iOS are examined in the video below.

The new operating system includes new iPhone 6s quick actions for a number of the apps that come built into the phone, that includes stock apps like Weather, Settings and the App Store. Apple News, Notes, Health, Car play and a few others will also see added functionality. They aim to enhance the new system with new educational features for use of their products in schools and apparently for those of you who want to pair more than one Apple Watch to your iPhone, you’re in luck!

The new OS will be released to the public, and will be available to download, once the developers and public beta tests have found all the bugs! Sleep tight!