16th February 2016

There was light at the end of the tunnel last Sunday afternoon, when a late strike in stoppage time from Faversham Town secured them a 2-1 win against us at our home ground at Footes Lane. Their second goal was of the quality we would normally expect to see in our monthly Goal of the Month feature, but their first was spectacular in another fashion!

A video of the goal was posted online on the evening after the game, which, ‘for one week only’, was played on a Sunday. It featured on Facebook & Twitter, as the club use both social networks to keep our supporters up to date with everything they need to know about the football club, and we felt it would be a good idea to raise supporter’s spirits, and this included us posting a video of a spectacular goal celebration from the opposition.

At the time of writing, on Tuesday evening just 48 hours after it was originally posted, it had accumulated over 7,700 views on Facebook which had reached over 20,400 different people. On Twitter its vitality was of a similar nature with the original message being re-tweeted 80 times and being ‘favourited’, sorry I meant ‘liked’, 93 times. In summary, this is just a quick post really to highlight the power of an organic post gathering momentum and naturally reaching a wider audience, the content is creative & stimulates the audience who are watching it.

This example has been highlighted in a number of conversations since the goal on Sunday, after colleagues have been discussing the power of ‘boosting’, and effectively paying to reach a wider audience online. To this day I have never paid for advertising on social media, and have always tried to create creative content that encourages the audience to engage with us regardless of the brand, company or organisation I am representing. But given that Facebook is continuing to manipulate its algorithm, favouring and effectively promoting the most popular posts further up your news feeds, content creators are going to have to continue to be more inventive in the ways in which they engage their audience. Otherwise, I suppose we can expect to see more people opting for the easy option of paying to be seen online!