6th February 2016

Is this the end of Twitter as we know it? A strong headline I know! But what has made the social network consistent and well respected since its conception in March 2006, is its continual use of the reverse chronological order listing of Tweets. But that may all soon be about to change.

A recent report from Buzzfeed has highlighted that Twitter could soon be introducing a feature that would bring it in line with Facebook and other social networks. It has been reported that Twitter could debut its “algorithmic” feed as early as next week. The new generator would aim to elevate popular content and could solve some of Twitter’s ‘signal-to-noise’ problems. Eagle eyed Twitter users have recently spotted tests where Tweets have been displayed out of the regular reverse chronological order, similar to that of Facebook that digital marketeers such as myself have come to hate!

Whilst their executives have hinted at this change for years now, nobody at the micro-blogging service is willing to confirm whether the rumours are true or not. What we do know is that the platform has been looking to spark an increase in users signing up to the service, after it has slowed in recent months. I’m not sure if I endorse Engadget’s assumption that this would make the user generated content easier to read, but if it does get rolled out we will be losing the fundamental loveable features of Twitter that we have come to love. November witnessed the tradition of favourites on Twitter being replaced by Likes, so if this change does come about it will be one of the boldest shake-ups to the micro-blogging service to date.

There is a slight ray of light at the end of the tunnel however as it’s anticipated that the algorithms are strictly-opt in, but with it being optional and the number of promoted and sponsored posts beginning to increase, mirroring that of Facebook, will this shake up attract new users to sign up? I doubt it!

The ruling out of Twitter’s 140 character limit was one which was met with some backlash online, so once this news hits the headlines it will be interesting to see whether this story is ‘elevated’ to the top of my Twitter timeline?