3rd February 2016

What will you be doing on February 21st? For most people, a lazy morning with a bacon sandwich and glass of orange juice could very well be on the cards. But tech supporters around the world will have gathered at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona eagerly anticipating the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

The annual event attracts tech lovers from all over the world, and whilst Apple continues to host it’s own bespoke events in cities all over the US, for companies like Samsung and other mobile providers this is the setting to announce their headline devices for the next year. On Sunday 21st February attendees of the conference can expect to witness a presentation from a company representative from Samsung outlining all of the key features of their new handheld mobile device, whilst eager onlookers attempt to capture & share the launch with their followers around the world.

The teaser video, shown below, plays with the idea of VR (Virtual Reality), so will there be VR features built into the handset? Other tech analysts question whether we can expect to jump into a full 360-degree view on the world? One thing we probably can be sure of is an improvement to the internal workings of the device alongside a bump in megapixels to the onboard front and rear facing cameras, but will this device introduce a feature that shocks the world and takes some of the momentum away from Apple, now the second most valuable company in the world? Only time will tell if our predictions are correct, shame we haven’t got a VR device that allows us to peek into the future….