10th February 2016

Do you want to enjoy the full match day experience of your favourite football club without having to leave the house? Sample the goals, join the fans, enjoy the atmosphere all without having to leave your living room. Whilst turfing through the hundreds of posts from friends and other brands I follow online, I stumbled across this gem of an idea showcasing a VR headset providing viewers with a seat in a virtual hospitality suite at their football stadium of choice.

This concept, which has already been made reality to a certain degree, allows you to choose your favourite camera angle to view a football match from. It provides you with the opportunity to quickly snap between a wide angle of the game, from a bird’s eye view, to pitch side slow motion coverage of an attack on goal. No longer are you subject to a production manager’s view on the game, as you can choose the best action from any angle at any time.

It effectively is your own virtual space and you don’t have to be alone! Friends can join you and you can chat and interact with them through voice over IP and enjoy live statistics and select the match highlights you want to watch from virtually anywhere in the world, providing it has a suitable high-speed Internet connection. Can you imagine if Guernsey FC supporters were able to enjoy the whole match day experience from Footes Lane in their living room, whilst in their pyjamas!

With the advent of VR Headsets becoming available to the masses & 360 degree videos popping up all over the Internet, I think we may see this concept rolled out sooner than we think! The video is only viewable on desktops at the time of writing!