28th January 2016

The iPad has become one of the best selling tablets on the market today, and in the next few months we are expected to see another contender. Well, when I say contender, it is another addition to the Apple family of touchable devices, sitting smack bang in the middle of their existing range, between the Mini & Pro models.

The rumoured iPad Air 3, which is expected to be announced early this year, is set to pack a punch with a number of new features that are reported to be included on the new model. It is expected to make an appearance at a planned event to be held in March, and it’s anticipated that it will pack an upgraded processor, 4K display, improved battery life, four-speaker design and a rear-facing LED flash.

September witnessed the new pressure-sensitive technology, also known as 3D Touch, placed in the palm of the smartphone users and enabled them to perform additional ‘peek’ and ‘pop’ gestures to access various quick action shortcut menus or the ability to preview content within apps. My personal experience using the technology is limited given my recent upgrade to the latest iPhone 6S+ model only last week. Surprising though, despite the latest instalment of iPhones featuring the pressure sensitive touchscreen, which has arguably opened up a whole new range of ways of utilising your smartphone, reports suggest that it doesn’t sound like we will be seeing the new technology in the newest model of the tablet anytime soon.

The iPad Pro, launched last year, featured four speakers and the same feature is expected to feature on the new iPad Air 3, and, with two speakers located at the top and bottom, stereo sound may become a reality for Apple fans of the Air tablet series in the near future. But we will more than likely witness the same wafer thin form factor and wide screen display that we have come to love.

If the new model gains a rear-camera flash, we can also expect other camera improvements that could include a 12-megapixel camera which is a significant improvement on the current 8-megapixel camera featuring on the existing iPad Air 2. I hope that these rumours aren’t true, for both me and you, as we could probably expect to see bigger and bigger screens, like this new model getting in the way of concert supporters, sports fans and tourists wishing to capture the action with their own eyes rather than through that of a camera sensor!

Screenshot 2016-01-28 21.14.07