29th January 2016

The term ‘LIVE streaming’ seems to have been bandied around in a lot of social circles at the moment. In an earlier blog post this week I analysed the announcement that highlighted that your GoPro could serve as another angle to cut to whilst broadcasting on Periscope, and now Facebook is attempting to get in on the action.

The social network, has, in its latest update, expanded its live streaming capabilities to all of its iOS users currently in the US. Whilst only some users were able to experiment with the new features last year, those being users of Mentions, Facebook’s app for celebrities and other public figures, the update made yesterday marked the first time the features have been made available to the general public.

The way users are going to be able to stream via Facebook is throug a feature called ‘Live’ which now appears in the ‘update status’ menu alongside pins allowing you to add a photo, tag a friend or add an emoji or location to your post. Android users, as we have come to expect, are put second in line for the update but a spokesperson for Facebook told Mashable that they are working on providing them with the features ‘as soon as possible’ and rolling it out to the rest of the world in the coming weeks!

Seeing a video is becoming more and more commonplace on social media, and now I believe we are going to see a load more video, this time being LIVE streamed from users all over the world, allowing consumers and followers of these worldwide brands real-time coverage of particular events and breaking news stories. Good news? I’m not sure! The amount of video currently clogging up my news feed from brands I regretfully liked years ago are strangely popping up despite the recent modification to the Facebook news feed algorithm.

And, what’s worse, more and more sponsored videos are featuring in the mix, so only time will tell whether, when the update is rolled out to brands I follow here in the UK, all of the organic posts from friends and brands I support closer to home, are forced further down the news feed to make way for amateur broadcasters sharing their thoughts on the day over their Cheerios! What once was confined to news broadcasting channels with 10’s of thousands of pounds of broadcasting equipment can now, and will, be done by Joe public forcing social media managers online to be more creative with their content!