16th November 2016

Since I joined the team at Guernsey Football Club to film their highlights, I have been impressed with the vast array of live streaming applications available using either a mobile device or computer. Coupled with the improvements in the 4G network here and in the UK I have been keen to try and find a solution to revive the live streaming of home and away games played by Guernsey FC.

Last weekend was the first occasion where I was able to test run the new livestream equipment at a Guernsey FC home game. Well, what can I say? It worked a treat! I was able to take the video feed from our large camera (the one we normally film the highlights on) direct into my MacBook Pro and then encode it into a Content Delivery Network. It was then sent to a popular video sharing platform online and then we shared the link with a few select fans based in the UK to get their feedback.

It did come with a few problems however, as we crashed the programme 5 minutes before kick off trying to change a few settings and there was an unexplained bandwidth blip before the first half, but that’s what trial runs are for! Luckily we didn’t miss any goals and the end result was 6-1 to the Green Lions so it was a positive afternoon for the team both on and off the pitch. Watch this space to be the first to hear about the progress of reviving the #GFCTV livestream in the season(s) to come.