29th October 2015

This month Twitter rolled out, what I feel is, a ground breaking new feature that allows everyday users, like you and me, to conduct electronic polls on Twitter. As they so aptly highlighted in their blog post, anybody can now weigh in on any topic that matters to them.

For poll creators, this new platform serves as a great way to gauge the public’s thoughts on a particular issue! What should you call your new pet or what colour should you dye your hair! You name it, you can vote on it. Previously there have been a number of ways to participate in polls, by tallying hashtag votes or by asking followers to favourite or retweet the option they wanted to vote for, but all of that hard work counting votes has come to an end!

At the time of writing, polls remain live for 24 hours, and any user of Twitter can vote on any poll, and whilst all votes are kept private you can see the poll results after voting! Whilst I see the benefit of having an easy to vote poll you are still limited by the number of characters available in each tweet and, at present, the ability to feature an image or video as well as a poll doesn’t exist. Something I hope is offered in a future update!